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About Me

My name is Firas Ahmed Abussaud. I was born in 2/1/1976.

I started photography as a hobby since I was 7 years old. Since then, I use to document, by camera, all the happy events related to myself, my Family, and Friends. During the last couple of years, I exerted more efforts to enhance my hobby by putting more emphasis on learning, reading and to practice what I learned and read. I am an active member in many photography groups and forums. I like photography and hence I am trying to learn a new thing about it everyday.
I like to Think outside the box and many times, i like to take photos for the box itself 🙂

• holder of a Master’s degree.
• A lover of volunteer work and a founding member of the Kids Friends Group
• Participated in the second Saudi intellectuals forum in Riyadh.
• A permanent participant in local exhibitions and has won several local, Arab and international awards.
• Member of the Arts Group in Dhahran-Saudi Aramco.
• Member of FIAP since 2015 and holds the title of EFIAP
• Member of the Patronage committee in FIAP Saudi Arabia
• Holder of GPU CR2 title
• Member of the American PSA Association since 2009
• General Supervisor of the International Whispers Exhibition, whose 480th edition participated in 480 participants from forty-seven countries around the world.
• Photographic Editor in Al-Khat monthly magazine.
• Interested in photography and digital design in addition to poetry, literature and sports of all kinds, and loves to travel in general.
• I mainly like My photography interests focus on architectural subjects, nature and travel topics, in addition to humanities and I love monochrome pictures.
• I have published many articles on photography and other social articles published in many local newspapers.
• My accounts on social sites:
o Instagram: MyHamasat
o Twitter: TheFiras
o Flicker: LightSymphony

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